Alice-DJ500 – a channel editor software for Alinco DJ-500 T/TB/E/EX radio

last update: 2020-08-03

The DJ500E is a nice handheld radio and the programming software also works quite well. However, I find two things in the software that need improvement

  • You cannot move the channels in the channel list up/down, so it is not so easy to restructure the channels
  • In the overview, the „ScanSkip“ field is not visible, i.e. you have no direct overview of which channels are being scanned and which are not

This is exactly what the Windows program „Alice-DJ500“ is intended for. In principle, the program has only 2 features

  • Moving channels using the Up / Down buttons
  • Select / deselect channels for the scan list using the ’s‘ key or context menu (right mouse click)
  • Several channels can be edited at the same time (multiple selection via Ctrl or Shift + mouse click).

A third feature was added since v1.1

  • If the frequency range is changed, the channel list will be completely deleted and cloning will not work with the „old“ file.
    The Alinco program notices that the file and the device do not match.
  • Now it’s possible to change the radio type inside this software so you can use the same channel list on different radio type configurations (different frequency ranges)


  • Open  *dat file
  • edit the channel list
  • change the radio type if you want to use the list for different DJ-500 type
  • save file
  • program file to radio via original Alinco software

System requirements

  • Windows

Use on your own risk – feedback is highly appreciated 🙂

Download:   Alice-DJ-500-v1_1 – 2020-08-03

2 Kommentare

  1. Florian Hehenberger

    Lieber OM DL9BU !

    Ich habe selber ein Alinco DJ-500, aber ich verwende kein Windows.
    Nun würde ich gerne meine eigene Software herstellen (ich bin halbwegs fit in Python), um das DJ-500 vom Rechner aus zu Programmieren oder gar zu steuern.

    Kannst Du mir mit dem Protokoll des DJ-500 aushelfen bzw. können wir uns hierüber austauschen ?

    Viele Grüße aus München
    Florian – DL1FN


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