DJ-500E – modify frequency ranges

last update: 2020-08-03

The radio can be reprogrammed for different frequency ranges using a key combination.

Attention: With newer devices (from the end of 2017?), Reprogramming using a key combination no longer works! There is software from Alinco (the so-called O-Setup software) that is not freely available. It is best to ask your dealer about this. E.g. Neuner-Funk  offers a support, see Forum.

  1. Switch off the device
  2. Press and hold the PF1 and ‚D‘ keys
  3. Switch on the device and wait until the „Mode“ setting appears on the display, then release the buttons
  4. Set the desired mode with the main tuning button
  5. Press the ‚D‘ key to exit the setting mode
  6. Switch off the device
  7. Switch on the device again
  8. finished
Mode Variante 2m RX [MHz] 2m TX [MHz] 70cm Rx [MHz] 70cm TX [MHz]
Mode 1 DJ-500TB 136 – 174 136 – 174 400 – 480 400 – 480
Mode 2 DJ-500T 136 – 174 144 – 148 400 – 480 420 – 450
Mode 3 DJ-500E 144 – 146 144 – 146 430 – 440 430 – 440
MODE 4 DJ-500EX 136 – 174 136 – 174 400 – 523 400 – 523

FM radio reception is available in every mode.

If the frequency range is changed, the channel list will be completely deleted and cloning will not work with the „old“ file.
The program notices that the file and the device do not match.

The device version is encoded in the first byte in the * .dat file.

DJ-500 / TB         0x00
DJ-500T                0x01
DJ-500E                0x02
DJ-500-Mode4    0x03

Simply change this byte with a hex editor or you can use the Alice-DJ500 programm for it.

Then reload the file into the Alinco software and re-program the channel list.

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  1. Martin

    Your information on how to change the DJ500 from an E to TB was very useful.

    Alice-DJ500 is VERY good software and has made my life much easier.

    Martin, G4VZO


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