Self made data cable (ALINCO ERW-7) for DJ-500E

The data cable (ALINCO ERW-7 USB programming cable -> 69 €) for the DJ-500E radio can be built relatively easily.

Part list

  • USB to serial module
    • e.g. CP2102 (Amazon Link) for approx. 8€
    • the drivers are available free of charge directly from the manufacturers of the ICs
    • Recommendation – it is best to only use modules with USB2SERIAL ICs from well-known manufacturers (Silicon Labs or FTDI). China stuff just makes trouble here regarding driver availability.
  • Schottky diode
    • e.g. BAT41
    • A standard rectifier diode like 1N4002 does not work! The forward voltage is too high, so that a ground level is not recognized by the DJ-500.
  • cable with 3,5mm plug


It looks like this:



  • No additional pullup is required, the radio already has an internal pullup resistor.
  • A „clone“ mode can be activated on the device by simultaneously pressing the PTT and PF1 key while switching on. This is not necessary, or it will not work at all !!! Simply connect the device to the PC software in „normal“ mode and read / write the data. This missing information cost me a lot of nerves because the clone function of my Alinco scanner DJ-X30T must be explicitly activated before the device can talk to the PC.

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